The Library offers a variety of services to the public including:

  • Reference
  • Public computers
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Research and access to the historical collection
  • Meeting room

2 comments on “Services

  1. Hello,
    I am doing a project for my school on women’s suffrage and I came across an article by J. B. Sanford who is a member of the fourth senatorial district. I tried to find some background information on him but I haven’t been able to find anything. Since this library is in the fourth senatorial district, I was wondering if I could find anything on J. B. Sanford here. Thanks

    • Hi Rachel,
      We don’t have anything in our library about Senator Sanford of the 4th District. He basically said in 1911 that suffrage is a privilege, not a right and that politics was no place for women. A quick search on Google for his name led me to several links that looked promising including an article from “California Outlook” scanned in on Google Books, and an article from a 1911 issue of Life magazine regarding his argument against women’s suffrage. If you have access to periodicals databases through your home library, you may be able to find some articles discussing Senator Sanford’s comments and attitudes on women’s suffrage although because this information goes back to 1911, books on women’s suffrage would work better for research purposes. Our library doe not have too many books on suffrage but the ones we have refer mostly to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I hope this helps and answers your question.

      Oresta Esquibel
      County Librarian

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