Welcome to the Trinity County Library!

Weaverville Main Library

If this is your first visit, welcome. If not, we’re glad you’re back to see what’s new at our library. The County Library System consists of three libraries. The Main Library in Weaverville is located along the scenic “Trinity Highway” 299.

The Trinity County Library is a member of the North State Cooperative Library System, the 12 northernmost counties in California. The Council of Librarians, Directors of the member public libraries, provide the leadership for NSCLS. The North State Cooperative is a member of NorthNet, a group of cooperatives comprised of the North State, NorthBay, and Mountain Valley Cooperatives. NorthNet is administered by the Executive Director of Peninsula Library System headquartered in San Mateo. Membership in the cooperative provides guidance and direction in library services and funding for various resources that cannot be funded by libraries individually. Other valuable services also include purchases of databases and assistance with grants.


2 comments on “Welcome to the Trinity County Library!

  1. Beautiful website but I can’t find how to renew my Dvd anywhere. I could always renew my books easily on the Sonoma County library website but having a hard time here. I figured it out the other day but had to get my library card out of my car. Then I forgot how to get on again. Menopause is blanking out my mind.. Lol

    • Good Morning,
      I’m sorry to hear you had difficulty renewing your DVD. To confirm, you do have to login to your account with your library card and PIN (last 4 digits) to access your record. Once you are in your account, any item that is renewable, will show a check box on the right hand side of the page alongside a clickable link to renew. If the item has exceeded the number of allowable renewals and is not renewable, it will let you know this as well. Nevertheless, if you still want/need to renew an item (say you’re out of town and can’t return it in time), you are welcome to call us during open hours and we’ll be happy to renew your item provided no other patron is waiting for it. I hope this answers your question.

      Oresta Esquibel,
      County Librarian

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